Job Profile: Giuseppe Marino

Giuseppe Marino, 30 years old, born in Catania (Italy).

I work to define and coordinate web marketing strategies  and digital communication, expanding contacts and brand prestige on the web. I develop, consolidate and manage enterprise distribution on E-business channels, taking care of the placement and visibility circuits sponsorship of the brand / product.

Activities and Occupations:

  • Identify the product development strategy of the company developing new solutions;
  • Definition and development of a strategy of Digital Communication;
  • Brand development and web contacts;
  • Web site supervision, improved features and interface;
  • Coordination digital advertising campaigns and sales strategies.

Definition of web marketing strategies, exploring the potential of the market and the activities of competitors, with the goal of maximizing their marketing efforts. Development strategies of brand presence on the web and the use of the information – Develop an efficient SEO and SEM.

  • Development and implementation of SEM and SEO activities;
  • Generating traffic to your site;
  • Activities coordination of Keyword Advertising;
  • Keyword choice and definition content;
  • Optimization of campaign management;
  • Planning strategies of Social Media Marketing;
  • Coordination of bloggers and opinion leaders of the network;
  • Coordination of social networks, blogs and forums.
  • Search new segments and business opportunities;
  • Managing product development through all its phases;
  • Interface directly with the development department of the company for the technical implementation of projects;
  • Define, initiate and manage customer relationships, with the optimization of time / mode;
  • Develop business development with its follow-up;
  • Management publishing e-commerce;
  • Prepare presentations describing the projects, both in terms of the creative aspects than for marketing;
  • Monitoring phase of the work, through the coordination and organization of the implementation times of the different phases of the project and estimate the time and cost of the project;
  • Management of relationships with customers;
  • Defining strategies and business objectives;


For further info see the CV/Resume (send an e-mail request)
Web Marketing Manager51 Company (Events), 3 Start-Up Company/Association (Movie Productions; Arts & Show; IT & E-business
Digital Project Manager6IT, Hosting & Internet Services
Digital Project Manager10Comunity, Software

Own developed projects:

 [Chat Online | Project period: 7 years | Link to the project

Reached Target: First chat in the international hub list of Direct Connect Network]

 [Chat Network | Project period: 7 years | Link to the project

Reached Target: 30 affiliated chat; 180 Operators, 22.000 users connected]

 [Servizi di hosting per privati e aziende | Project period: 5 anni | Link to the project

Reached Target: 100 clients in portfolio; 5 dedicated servers managed; new hosting services introduced: web-radio, dc++ hubs, databases, ftp]

 [Community online | Project period 10 years | Link to the project

Reached Target:: 40.000 registered users; Website and forum become a meeting point for the dc++ community

Web agency

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Other position occuped:

Social Media Manager: Pianificazione strategie di Social Media Marketing; Coordinamento e gestione social network, blog, forum
Web Content Manager: Creazione e gestione siti web e del loro contenuto; Redazione articoli e Copywriting
Graphic and Web Designer: Realizzazione design grafici per il web e per ambienti pubblicitari
Multimedia Developer: Realizzazione progetti multimediali, sviluppo video, presentazioni, animazioni


Computer skills and competences:

Programs/EnvironmentKnown, Used and Skilled
For further info see the CV/Resume (send an e-mail request)
Social MediaFacebook, Google+, Blogger, Reddit, Vimeo, Youtube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Delicious, Twitter
Adobe PackagesPhotoshop CS5, DreamWeaver CS5, Flash CS3
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Ubuntu, Debian
CMS and Web PlatformWordPress, Joomla, Magento, OSCommerce, PHPNuke
ProgrammingHTML; PHP; CSS; VB; JS

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